Hi, I'm Gabino (guh-BEE-no). I've been writing electronic music for over twenty years. I studied music composition, classical and jazz theory at a university in New York City, where I continue to live and work. In 2011, I began to acquire an ever-growing analog modular synth to truly master the art of synthesis and began releasing music as Dronf. Previously I'd released music as Gabino (2002-2010) and before that as Dao (1999-2001).
I'm also a Grammy-nominated, Audie-winning audiobook editor, sound designer and mastering engineer. Since 2003, I've worked on over 700 audiobooks and counting. Yes, I've learned a thing or two!
I'm looking to expand my creative horizons. Allow me to be your game composer, film composer, songwriter, or electronic producer. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers!
 Gabino Reyes - Composer, Songwriter, Synth Shaman
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